Hot off the press — Governance for Development 2014-15

Our third publication of 2014 is back from the printers and ready for the launch at the UN Public Service Forum in Seoul next week.


Introducing Governance for Development 2014-15 

Specially published for the UN Public Service Forum 2014, Governance for Development 2014-15 features:

• Winners of the UN Public Service Awards 2014 – the most prestigious international recognition of public service professionalism and excellence
• Independent thought leadership pieces and case studies
• A unique reference section with information on each of the 193 UN member states

For information on the publication, or to purchase a copy check out our website.

Another job well done — Commonwealth Health Partnerships 2014

I may have already mentioned how utterly manic the last few weeks have been…

Needless to say successfully managing several upcoming publications at once is no mean feat, but it does make holding the finished product all that more rewarding. For this reason it gives me great pleasure to present to you our latest publication:

ImageIntroducing Commonwealth Health Partnerships 2014 

Commonwealth Health Partnerships is the official annual Commonwealth reference source designed to ensure that ministers, policy-makers, officials and the development community can access analysis and thought leadership on:

  • Strengthening public health systems, and supporting healthcare delivery
  • Developments in priority aspects of healthcare such as  the treatment of heart disease & hypertension
  • Immunisation & public health education
  • Health workers – training, professional development, unions & migration
  • Key communicable & non-communicable diseases e.g. HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, diabetes, cancer
  • In-country health structures & policies, including profiles of organisations committed to delivering public health in difficult circumstances.

Launched at the annual Commonwealth Health Ministers Meeting (CHMM), the publication provides a guide to current issues in global health for ministers, senior officials and other stakeholders.

The publication also includes extensive health profiles of the 53 Commonwealth member countries, incorporating up-to-date data on health systems and population health outcomes.

For information on our other publications, or to purchase a copy check out our website.

“Never be so busy as not to think of others.” ― Mother Teresa

I know I haven’t been posting quite as much recently. My ‘one review a week’ rule went out the window when my body decided to gift me a two-month spell of headaches and nausea. Now, don’t get me wrong, getting ill is never convenient, but this came at a really, really terrible time. We’ve been working on three books on top of one another at work, and there really hasn’t been much time for feeling sorry myself [although I will confess I’ve managed to fit a little of that in here and there].

Thankfully, last week was a bit of a turning point. Not only did one of the books go to press [Whoop whoop!] but I finally woke up without a nagging pain in the side of my face and a desire to crawl back under the covers. It really is amazing how good a couple of months of feeling awful can make you feel.

So to all of you reading this, I know some of you are waiting for reviews from me, don’t worry I haven’t forgotten you. I’ve got a mound of books to get through, but I am getting through them. The next one is coming, very soon!

In the mean time, feel free to enjoy these pictures of Umlaut reading a book, and just be thankful you don’t need to use your own face every time you turn a page.