‘These are a few of my favourite things’

I have something a little different to share with you today.

This weekend I went to stay with friends in Norwich.

First let me tell you a little bit about one of my friends. She loves stationery, I mean, she LOVES stationery. I like Paperchase as much as the next person, but my friend is literally obsessed. So when she told me she had bought me a gift from a recent trip to London it came as no surprise that it was stationery, after all it had to be stationery, it couldn’t possibly have been anything other than stationery.

Behold my new book review file:

IMG_20150301_173254528 (2)

Now I would expect anyone to be pretty chuffed with a gift like this, it’s a) adorable and b) practical, (I have been in dire need of something to keep all my book notes in) and practical gifts are always the best received.

But I like it for another reason…

Let me introduce you to Coopanda. He’s the adorable little fella on the front of the folder, and this is his story:

Coopanda loves reading a lot,
but he always feels hungry while reading.
So he have to eat chocolate cake instead,
or else he would turned a brown in a moument. 

Oh yes, Coopanda, the chocolate-cake-eating, book-loving, non-English-speaking, panda.

This story has transformed this adorable piece of stationary into something which combines three of my favourite things: reading; pandas; and Chinese which has been badly translated into English.

Now, you may think that’s a bit of a strange thing to like, in which case let me refer you to the wonders of Engrish.

Over and out.

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