“You’re never too old, too wacky, too wild, to pick up a book and read to a child.” ― Dr. Seuss

Bing was bored.

Bing and Nero ― Story by I.L. Williams; illustrated by Inci Alper


There is nothing worse than feeling like you have nothing to do. It’s Saturday and Bing is stuck inside with no friends to play with, even the cat is asleep. How boring. On days like this Bing really wishes his mother would let him get a dog.

Not content with the prospect of spending a quiet afternoon staring out of the window Bing decides to make his own fun. A quick glance around the room gives Bing an amazing idea for what he can do to make his weekend more exciting.

‘Bing and Nero’ is the delightful little story of a boy who, when confronted with boredom, uses his imagination and creativity make the best friend a boy could ever have. The book follows Bing and his new companion Nero the robot as they have endless amounts of fun doing things that only a boy and a robot could do.

Williams’ fun story, coupled with colourful and vibrant pictures make a book which all young children can enjoy, whether alone or with an adult. On each new page Alper’s eye-catching illustrations help to keep a child engaged while the story progresses.

I thought the presence of Minxie the cat throughout the book was a nice little addition to the story. I know from experience how much children like to look out for things in illustrations, and Minxie’s antics allow a child to do just that.

Children’s books are often rife with morals and hidden meanings, and Bing and Nero is no exception. The story encourages children to be creative when confronted with boredom by suggesting that imagination can be used to create your own fun.

Overall, I think that Bing and Nero would make a fantastic addition to any young child’s library. The book offers lots to think about and engage young minds, including full illustrations with plenty of little details just waiting to be spotted.

Many thanks to I.L Williams for providing me with a free review copy of the book.


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